Soon to be released is our leatest and greatest

The "Deception"

Our best looking gun ever - and - a new valve system.


Invasion is now sold out.

Invasion joins Interceptor, Remains, and Independence as great but now gone.

Phone 530-344-1155. Thank You

· Hose less, no macro-line or LPR hoses
· 70’s psi LPR for smooth, quiet shot
· Sweep System bolt and valve: Tighter, flatter and longer shot
· Magnetic trigger return and 3 ways adjustable
· Large 0.875 high efficiency front chambers
· Fully programmable board with all popular tournament settings
· Independent Ram: Modular for lowest maintenance and easiest repair
· SofTouch rubber bolt inset: Will not shoot out. Shoots the most brittle paint
· SMC solenoid valve: Lowest failure rate
· Premium performance at Mid-range price

Invasion features may change without notice. Invasion is not changed or remilled annually.


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