I have never let anyone shoot mine who didn’t fall in love with it. If you spend enough time with the guns you will get used to the sweep bolt and after that, no gun will ever shoot as well. Griffan 2

Out of the box it shoots great…. Comes with a Virtue LED and personally I think its great… triggers are top notch IMO out of the box. All around great gun
Small price/Big package Froste2ej

Just go off the phone with jack…amazing customer service. I love my new Invasion. Everything about it. The sweep is amazing. Thanks for delivering this amazing product. I’ve already recommended it to all of my friends and everyone I meet… I tell them the best performing marker ever made. Shokertm

Hi there Jack, been meaning to send a mail …you have the most solid product on the market… the best marker I’ve owned…Have to say, 10 points on the new model. Scotty "Da Slayer" Peek

was a huge gun whore until i got my indy. I could go on and on about how much i love the damn thing and how it's never really failed me and how it's just as efficient as a g6r, and about how i don't have to ever maintain the damn thing, and how i beat it up, and it still works even though i dont clean it, or about how smooth and consistent and quiet it is.... l1ryan1l

What I have shot and have experience with: Ego 11, G6R, FEP Quest, Victory V1, Geo 2, Dye Matrixs.. Intimidators and Marq's…
Alien Invasion: I love the low profile of the feed neck… I love the price. For 600 it is one of the best deals in paintball …I really like the rubber grip on the volumizer...The grips look good and fill good… The palm swell on the back of the frame fits my hand better than most guns… I like the fact that is hoseless and plenty of room between the trigger frame and volumizer… The gun shoots very smooth… much much smoother than any ego I've ever shot. I would go so far as to say it's smoother than a geo. OSU Sam